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A. Confédération belge du Cheval payment conditions

  1. Invoices are payable on their due date at the registered office or to the bank account of the Confédération belge du Cheval ASBL. Payments are made online by bank transfer. Online payments are secure and performed through a secure server. Orders are only delivered following receipt of payment. Clients are not entitled to deduct an amount from the price because of an outstanding claim. Compensation is excluded in all cases.
  2. All invoices are deemed to have been accepted failing a written protest by registered mail within 8 days of sending the invoice.
  3. All disputes fall within the jurisdiction of the Justice of the Peace of Zaventem and the courts of Brussels. Belgian law is solely applicable.
  4. Failing payment by the due date, the following will be due on the invoice amount automatically and without prior notification:
    1. the costs of notification of €5 per reminder and any additional costs for registered mail;
    2. late payment interest of 8.5% per annum as from the due date up until the date of payment in full;
    3. a fixed indemnity of 10% with a minimum of €75 and a maximum of €1,500.
  5. All retrieval costs shall be borne by the client.
  6. Non-payment of an invoice by its due date shall render all other outstanding invoices immediately payable.

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C. Legal provision

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D. Technical information

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E. Web site content – non-liability clause – right of retrieval

Despite the care and attention taken by the Confédération belge du Cheval asbl (CBC) in setting up this web site, some of the information published may be incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.

We decline all responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, whatever their nature, resulting from or associated in any way with the use of the CBC web site, or any temporary inability to consult the web site.

No right can be assumed from the publication of regulations on the CBC web site. For the valid version of the regulations, we refer you to the text published in the Moniteur Belge.

Users of this web site renounce any complaints against the CBC or its representatives, whatever their nature, concerning the use made of the information provided by this web site.

The CBC does everything in its power to check the accuracy of the data and make changes where necessary, but assumes no responsibility for their accuracy, and users can assume no rights based on the use of the content of the database.

Utilisation of this web site, the database and the data consulted is entirely at the risk of the user.

Under no circumstances can the CBC or its representatives be held responsible for any harmful consequences resulting from the use of the information provided by the site.

The information on the CBC web site is regularly updated. Modifications may be made at any time with immediate effect and without prior notification.

Retrieval of general information from the CBC web site is allowed, provided that the source (Confédération belge du Cheval asbl) is mentioned. This right of retrieval does not apply to photos, for which the copyright must be respected.

F. User obligations

If you add information and data to the database, you declare:

Respect for others - privacy

You are presumed to respect the legal provisions in force.

In particular, you must refrain from committing any act that could cause damage in the private domain to the reputation, respect or image of another user or third party. You undertake to avoid any wording or message of a provocative, insulting or threatening nature.

Intellectual property

The general structure, as well as the software, texts, images (animated or otherwise), and all other elements that form part of this web site, belong at all times to the CBC. Any total or partial reproduction of this web site, in any form and by any means, without the express prior consent of the CBC, is completely forbidden and will be considered as piracy. This also applies to the databases on the web site managed by the CBC, which are protected by the legal provisions concerning the protection of databases.


The CBC endeavours to link exclusively to sites that comply with the laws and regulations in force. However, the CBC has no control over the content of these web sites and de facto cannot be held responsible for the information on these sites.

G. What data are collected? - Processing rationale

The personal data recorded in the database are processed within the framework of the public contract awarded to the CBC by the SPF Santé Publique, making it legally compulsory to identify all equidae resident on the territory of Belgium and to record them in a database.

In this context, certain information may be requested in order to verify the accuracy of the data. We refer to article 50 of the Royal Decree of 16 February 2016 concerning the identification and recording of equidae in a central database, which defines the rights and obligations of the central database manager, namely the CBC.

The purpose of the database is to allow updating of the data requested concerning the addresses of owners in the database of equidae, as provided for in the Royal Decree of 16 February 2016. Within the framework of the public contract awarded to the CBC, the CBC undertakes to send official documents (passports and changes of ownership), as well as invoices, to owners. The sole purpose of accessing the national data register is to verify the current addresses of owners in the case of returned correspondence, in order to prevent the loss of documents.

Personal data can also be processed under one of the following conditions: the person concerned has given consent; processing is necessary in order to execute a contract; processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation; processing is necessary in order to safeguard vital interests; processing is necessary for the execution of a task in the public interest or to exercise public authority; or processing is necessary to safeguard legitimate interests.

The CBC delegates some of its tasks to two regional branches, namely the "PaardenPunt Vlaanderen" in Heverlee and the Confédération Wallonie-Bruxelles du Cheval in Ciney.
It is forbidden for these two parties to fulfil the obligations contracted between the CBC and users.