Legal mentions

When you use this website, you acknowledge to have taken notice of the legal provisions and you commit yourself to observe them. The present document may be subject to modifications. A regular consultation is thus recommended.

A. Terms and conditions of the Belgian Confederation of the Horse

  1. The invoices are payable on their maturity date at the registered office or on the bank account of the Belgian Confederation of the Horse. The payments occur online, by bank transfer or in cash at the registered office. The online payments are secured and take place via a secured server. The orders are only delivered after receipt of the payment. The client is not entitled to deduct from the price any amount because of a counterclaim is has made. Any compensation is in any case excluded.
  2. All the invoices are considered to have been accepted if no written complaint is lodged by registered letter within 8 days after sending the invoice.
  3. For all disputes, the courts of Brussels are solely competent. Only the Belgian law is applicable.
  4. In the absence of payment at the maturity date, will be due on the amount of the invoice, rightfully and without prior notice:
    a. notice expenses of 5 € for each reminder and eventual additional expenses for registered letters;
    b. default interest of 8.5% per year from the date of maturity until the date of full payment;
    c. as well as a lump-sum compensation of 10 % with a minimum of 75 € and a maximum of 1,500 €.
  5. All eventual recovery costs are at the expense of the client.
  6. The non-payment of an invoice at its maturity makes all the other unpaid invoices immediately payable.

B. Respect of the private life

The data mentioned on the extranet HorseID are entered in a database that is managed by the Belgian Confederation of the Horse. The law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of the private life is applicable. The requester has the right to consult the data that concern him and to ask their modification.

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D. Legal provision

The website is the property of the Belgian Confederation of the Horse (BCH), Belgicastraat 9/3, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium.

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E. Technical information

You acknowledge that you have the necessary skills to consult and use this website, and you confirm that you have verified that the used configuration does not contain any virus and is in perfect state.

You acknowledge that you have been informed that this site is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure, computer problems, problems attributable to the structure of the communications networks or technical problems.

F. What do you have to know about the Web?

It is difficult to guarantee with 100% the security of the data that are put on the Internet. Although we do everything we can to protect the personal data, we cannot ensure nor guarantee that the information that is sent directly or through our online services is completely secured.

The communication of information regarding your person occurs consequently fully at your own risk, even when we do all the steps upon receipt of this information to protect it.

G. Content of the website – Non-responsibility clause – Right of use

Despite all the care and the attention that the Belgian Confederation of the Horse (BCH) gives to the development of the website, it may occur that the published information is incomplete, incorrect or unclear.

We exclude any responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, of whatever nature, that results from or is related to, in whatever way, the use of the website of the BCH, or to the temporary impossibility to consult the website.

No right may be drawn from the publication of the regulations on the website of the BCH. For a valid version of the regulations, we refer to the text as published in the Belgian Official Journal.

The user of this website renounces to any complaint towards the CBH or the representatives of the CBH, of any kind, with regard to the use of the information provided through this website.

The CBH or its representatives cannot be held responsible for eventual harmful consequences resulting from the use of the information provided through this site.

The information of the website of the CBH is regularly updated. These modifications can be made at any time with immediate effect and without prior notice.

Any use of the general information of the website of the BCH is authorized, provided the source (Belgian Confederation of the Horse) is mentioned in this context. This right of use does not concern the photographs, for which, in any case, the copyright of the photographers must be respected.

H. Your obligations as a user

Respect of third parties

You are supposed to observe the applicable legal provisions (in particular with regard to the law on the protection of the private life). You should in particular refrain from collecting or using wrongly data, or, in general, to commit any act which could damage the private sphere, the reputation, the respect or the image of another user or a third party. You can do this by avoiding any provocative, insulting or threatening mention or message.

Intellectual property

The general structure, as well as the software, texts, pictures (animated or not), and all other elements which are part of this website belong at any time to the BCH. Any complete or partial reproduction of this website, in whatever form and with any means, and without the explicit and prior authorization of the BCH, is totally forbidden and will be considered as counterfeiting. This applies also to the databases on the website, which are protected by the provisions on the legal protection of databases, of which the BCH is the administrator.


The BCH tries to refer exclusively to the sites that comply with the applicable laws and regulations. The BCH cannot however control in any way the content of these websites and cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites.

I. What are the collected data?

On this website, we ask you to provide us some data (in particular your name and address), which allow us to send you the documentation you wish and that will allow you to download the chosen documents. If you do not wish to receive any documentation or to make use of our services, you can visit our website without identifying yourself or registering yourself.

If you send an electronic message, your e-mail address will be automatically saved, in order to be able to answer your message.

J. For whom are the collected data intended?

Your personal information, collected within the scope of this website, is intended for the services and companies of the group, which have to meet your needs. Your IP address is intended for the staff of the IT Department, that is competent to process such information and is subject to the professional secrecy.

K. How exercise your right of access and rectification?

In accordance with the current legislation on the protection of data of private character (Directive CE n° 95/46 and Royal Decree of 13 March 2003) you have a right of access to the information that concerns you and you can consequently request a copy, rectification or suppression.

You can ask this information by letter, addressed to: Belgian Confederation of the Horse, Belgicastraat 9/3, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium.

According to the legislation on the protection of private data, it concerns an individual right that can only be exercised by the concerned person and related to her personal data. For reasons of security, the service concerned will therefore control your identity to avoid that confidential information regarding your person would be transmitted to third parties.